dinner | spring 2017


  • bread + butter

    potato + rosemary bread, house cultured butter | 6 |

  • charcuterie | 7 each

    prosciutto picante, duck rillette, duro capocollo

  • cheese | 7 each

    oriol de montbru, alp blossom, lou bergier


Food made by people who are passionate about their trade.

leaves + roots

  • potato pillows + pesto

    sauteed gnocchi, herb pesto, house made ricotta, baby arugula |14|

  • roasted pepper carpaccio

    goat cheese, dehydrated olives, toasted pine nuts, fried capers, sherry vinaigrette |11|

  • cirspy shishito

    fried shishito peppers, parmesan, citrus, roasted garlic aioli |9|

  • asparagus + lavender

    lavender bathed asparagus, smoked yogurt, meyer lemon oil |13|

fins + shells

  • smoked hamachi pipettes

    tomato raisins, pickled cucumber, thai chili, coconut soy vinaigrette |14.5|

  • calamari noodles

    roasted corn, smoked tomatoes, spanish chorizo, chili oil, corn nuts |14.5|

  • octopus + noodles

    grilled octopus bolognese, squid ink noodles, chorizo gastrique, cherry tomato, micro fennel |18.5|

  • seared scallop

    marinated hearts of palm, lemon puree, purslanes, spiced avocado puree, charred vine ripe tomatoes |22|

  • smoked sea trout dip

    tasmanian sea trout, creme fraiche, capers, crumbled egg, lemon zest, thai chili, oven-dried potato chips |13|




  • pork cracklins

    citrus aioli, brava sauce |8|

  • b + b

    akaushi brisket, horseradish aioli, crispy leeks, red wine jus, yorkshire pudding |13|

  • steak + egg + potato

    grilled flat iron steak, VOX twice baked potato, cuddled egg, shiitake mushroom |22|

  • braised oxtail

    sauteed gnocchi, wildfire bleu, tomato raisins, orange supremes, red wine au jus |55|

  • bacon + eggs

    grilled pork belly, fried duck egg, romesco, broccolini, almond dust,
    crostini |16.5|


feathers + beaks

  • grilled muscovy duck

    trio of carrots, artichokes, pears, bitter chocolate sauce | 29 |