cocktails | fall 2017

house cocktails

beverage director || madelyn kay

  • bae's first magic carpet ride

    reyka vodka, lemon, jasmine, white port, sauvignon blanc, absinthe

  • day three of your juice cleanse

    bombay sapphire gin, chamomile + lavender infused pilsner, kaffir lime leaf honey, lemon, lime, pineapple, butterfly pea flower, beer foam

  • the girlfriend experience

    absolute elyx vodka, grand marnier, oregon cranberry, lemon, winter spice blend, cava

  • summer abroad

    control c pisco, ancho reyes verde, spirit of india feni, sencha, lime, grapefruit oil

  • yaaas kween!

    absolut elyx vodka, singani 63, benedictine, orange bitters, lemon oil

  • queen of cups

    paranubes rum, avua cachaca, taro root, pimento dram, petite shrubb, lime, coconut cream, chinese five spice bitters

  • butter me up

    maker\'s mark, amontillado sherry, buttered pecan orgeat, toasted pecan bitters

  • clarified pumpkin spice latte

    tullamore dew, pumpkin spice, amontillado sherry, lemon, coffee, pumpkin milk

  • tom selleck's mustache

    knob creek rye, casa brasil coffee-infused cocchi torino, bar keep chinese five spice bitters, smoke

  • peanut butter vibes

    peanut butter-washed basil hayden\'s bourbon, averna, founders porter reduction, whole egg

  • just trust us.

    plantation pineapple rum, drambuie, jagermeister, lime

  • speak only evil

    monkey should scotch, 10yr tawny port, banana, bittermen\'s xocalatl mole\' bitters, orange oil

  • ny sour

    high west double rye, drambuie, lemon, red wine

  • espresso martini

    coconut-washed plantation dark rum, caffe del fuego, licor 43, coffee, corazon bitters

  • spansih g+t, on draft

    gin mare, st. germain, castelvetrano olive-infused miro extra sec, duque de carmona orange, soda

  • old pal, on draft

    wild turkey 101 bourbon, campari, dolin dry vermouth, lemon oil

  • jalisco old fashioned

    altos anejo tequila, ancho reyes, pineapple, bittercube corazon bitters