spirits | spring 2017

house cocktails

  • carry a. nation

    wild turkey 101 bourbon, spiced walnut cherry claret syrup, madeira, fig tincture, bittermans xocolatl mole bitters |13|

  • bae's first magic carpet ride

    reyka vodka, fresh lemon, jasmine, white port, sugar, sauvignon blanc, absinthe |12|

  • sif's song

    aviation gin, tomato caper berry infused krogstad aquavit, thyme, black pepper, lemon, sea salt, regans orange bitters |11|

  • tom selleck's mustache

    knob creek rye, casa brasil coffee infused cocchi torino, bar keep chinese five spice bitters, smoke |12|

  • daddy said shoot

    el tesoro reposado, alessio bianco, fino sherry, oregano, black pepper, lemon oil |13|

  • that island chick that broke your heart

    avua cachaca amburana, rhum clement bleue, plantation 3 star, green chartreuse, anise, pineapple, vanilla, honey, lemon, orange, bittermens tiki bitters |13|

  • i can tell that we are going to be friends

    prosciutto washed el silencio mezcal, altos tequila, aviation gin, honeydew melon, fig balsamic shrub, lime, grapefruit, sea salt |13|

  • sweat pants with uggs

    monkey shoulder scotch, pumpkin spice, lemon, egg white, aval cider |13|

  • negroni (on draft)

    aviation gin, vermouth royal vermouth, bittercube orange bitters, orange oil |12|

  • mint julep (on draft)

    makers mark, mint syrup, fresh mint|12|

  • southside

    bristow gin, lime, mint |12|

  • lion's tail

    high west double rye, pimento dram, lime juice, liber + co gum syrup |12|

  • robin's egg

    aviation gin, lemon, carrot, bittercube jamaican #2, topo chico |12|

  • the one hour photo

    del maguey vida, tio pepe fino sherry, averna |12|

  • naked ballerina #2

    tequila cabeza, dry curacao, cocchi rosa, lemon, bittercube jamaican #2 |12|

  • toronto

    hirsch, fernet, sugar |12|


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