dessert | spring 2017

sugar + spice

executive pastry chef || annabelle turner

  • fromage blanc

    cinnamon shortbread, maple pecans, brûléed red grapes |9|

  • slayer cake

    crispy gianduja, orange chocolate mousse, cardamom ganache, toasted fennel ice cream |10|

  • totes ma goats

    panna cotta, candied graham, lavender salted caramel, blackberry sorbet |9|

  • ice cream + sorbet

    daily selection |4|

  • coco sundae

    bourbon cherries, almond brittle, aquafaba merangue |10|

  • the pear-suit of happiness

    upside-down pear cake, rogue river ice cream, miso caramel, candied walnuts |10|